David Arlo Shares New Single ‘Speeding’

London-born Nigerian artist, actor, and creative David Arlo shares his brand new single Speeding, a powerful song about rejection. 
Out now via Sony Music Entertainment, Speeding finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing his storytelling abilities, heartfelt vocal delivery and sky scraping range. I am in love with the tone of his voice and how passionate his delivery is, instantly connecting us to his storytelling. Speeding is a song about removing yourself from situations or people that don't appreciate you. It encourages listeners to cherish and welcome those that respect you. This empowering message is wrapped around a polished blend of R&B and Pop elements that create an overall warm atmosphere that allows for his vocals to soar. I am particularly fond of the emotional piano chords and punchy beat that enhance the emotion pouring from his stunning vocals. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, David Arlo said, 
‘Speeding’ is about rejection. It’s about removing yourself from spaces that don’t serve you or value you and welcoming people and spaces that see you, hear you, and, most importantly, respect you.