Collin McInelly Shares New Single ‘Bipolar’

American artist Collin McInelly shares his brand new single Bipolar, a heartfelt, piano-based song. 
I am loving the tone of his voice and how it is packed with raw emotion, instantly capturing the listener's attention to his relatable storytelling. Bipolar is a song about self-reflection and one's emotional struggles with their negative feelings, sharing a positive, hopeful message that change is possible and that things can get better. This message is beautifully delivered through Collin's heartfelt vocals which are backed by a memorable piano-based melody nicely paired with steady drum patterns and guitar plucks that enhance the emotion pouring from his voice. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Collin McInelly said, 
This song reflects a personal journey of self-reflection and emotional struggles. It captures a time when I was dissatisfied with myself and feared that my negative feelings would harm the things I cherished. It's about accepting flaws, finding strength, and growing. The song serves as a reminder that change is possible, and we have the power to shape a better future.