Georgia Meek Shares New Single ‘All My Friends Need Therapy’

British alt-pop songstress Georgia Meek shares her new single All My Friends Need Therapy, an upbeat supportive anthem out now via TYM Recordings. 
I am really enjoying her passionate, confident vocals which beautifully draw the listener's attention to her relatable storytelling. All My Friends Need Therapy is a song about being there for our friends, being a shoulder to cry on and listen to them. This supportive anthem is wrapped around a captivating production that pairs lush synths with intricate guitar riffs, a catchy beat and an infectious chorus perfect to sing along to. Check it out below! 

Speaking about the song, Georgia said, 

I wrote this one back in 2022 with my friend Mark Siegel from Nashville. It was at a time when a lot of my friends were going through some pretty dark stuff and I was getting all these phone calls where I’d be trying to give advice or just a shoulder to cry on - as someone who has always battled with my mental health, it felt strange to suddenly be in the doctors seat - I always thought I was alone with these kind of feelings.