Ceara Cavalieri Shares New Single ‘That's My Bitch’

Californian singer and songwriter Ceara Cavalieri has just shared her brand new single That's My Bitch, an upbeat, confidence-packed piece of indie-pop/rock music. 
Written about elevating the ones we love especially after they get out of a toxic relationship, That's My Bitch finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing her powerful, expressive vocals which glide confidently over the upbeat production. An anthem to self-love and independence, That's My Bitch is wrapped around soaring electric guitars and punchy drum patterns that culminate into a highly-infectious chorus packed with energy and perfect to sing along to!



Speaking about the song, Ceara Cavalieri said, 
I wrote this song about my best friend, who had recently gotten out of a relationship with this guy who was a total narcissist and serial cheater. She was feeling extremely sad about the whole situation and I wanted to remind her that she is “That Bitch” and she’s way better off without him. The song is a Bad Bitch Anthem that hypes her up, talking about how "she’s independent” and “doesn’t need no man or attention.