Siobhán Winifred Shares New Single ‘Sober’

Following the enormous praise for her second single This House, London-based alt-pop artist Siobhán Winifred is back with her brand new single Sober, a vibrant blend of Lo-Fi Pop and Alt-Pop elements. 
I am a fan of Siobhán's rich, soaring vocals which are beautifully layred across a broad and diverse production from beginning to end. Sober finds the talented artist continuing to develop that warm, shimmering and authentic approach to the alt-pop sound she is quickly becoming synonymous with. This is a song about the constant push and pull of being in a relationship with a inevitable expiration date, where there's no real attachment but you keep holding on to it as a way of self-protection, being wrapped around several conflicting emotions. This is a very relatable song that is backed by intricate guitar riffs seamlessly paired with steady drum patterns and cool rhythms that, together with Siobhán's stunning vocals, create a warm atmosphere perfect for a reflective summer's weekend. Check it out below!



Speaking about Sober, Siobhán gives this insight, 
I wrote Sober about the conflicting emotions you experience when your relationship with someone is based on no attachment and no expectations. It's about the constant push and pull, where every word and action can have a double meaning. Lyrically the song is about how, when you’re feeling lost, you attach your worth to their interest in you and do whatever you cannot to lose it. Sometimes despite all the warning signs that are there, it's hard to resist the sense of self-protection and direction that comes from placing your sense of self in someone else’s interest in you: you know you need to let go but just don’t have the strength to. Ultimately, I like to think Sober is a very relatable song that captures the emotional conflict we experience when we find ourselves in a relationship with a inevitable expiration date.