Rowan Drake Shares Moving New Single ‘Would You Do It Again?’

Rising singer-songwriter Rowan Drake has just shared his moving new single Would You Do It Again?, available now via Atlantic Records/Arthouse Records. 
This gem follows January's heartwrenching song Elephant In The Room and finds the artist pondering the heartbreaking end to a relationship. I am loving the raw emotion pouring from his vocals and how vulnerable his delivery is, instantly capturing our attention to his relatable storytelling. His falsetto is stunning and I am loving the way the delicate piano keys and haunting harmonies enhance the emotion of his moving story and vocal delivery. Joining the lush piano and his stunning vocals, we have expansive synths and percussive elements that together create an overall warm, heartwarming atmosphere. If you're into emotionally-charged pieces of music with touches of vulnerability and amazing vocals, then you'll love Would You Do It Again?. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Rowan Drake said,
‘Would you do it again?’ is a question I asked my last love close to the end of our relationship. She paused for just a little too long and said with all the pain she’s experienced along the way she honestly just didn’t know if she would. That answer coming from someone who had given and sacrificed so much for me was a very conflicted and painful moment. It led to the creation of this song and I hope you can find a little peace in its words.