Heir Share New Single ‘If You Sell The Piano’

Yorkshire yacht-rock quintet Heir are back with If You Sell The Piano, what may be their most irresistible track to date. 
Out now via Leeds indie label Love vs Fear, If You Sell The Piano is a song about how some objects bring back memories and emotions, and seeing someone put a price on something sentimental can truly hurt one's feelings. I am really enjoying the expressive vocals and how they are backed by a harmony-laden ear-worm chorus and pulsing shuffle rhythm that instantly got me in a good mood. I am particularly fond of the gorgeous guitar works, retro-infused synths, drum patterns and lively piano keys that together create an overall upbeat and warm atmosphere that oozes carefree summer vibes. Check it out below!



Guitarist Steven Fisher offers some lyrical insight into the track: ‘If You Sell The Piano is about discovering the last physical artefact of an old relationship listed for sale. The emotions attached to the piano are old news but putting a price on something so sentimental can still cut deep.’