Greg Pearson Shares New Single ‘Half A Man’

Scottish singer and songwriter Greg Pearson has just shared his brand new single Half A Man, a heartfelt indie-pop song. 
Half A Man is a personal song that gives listeners an intimate insight in to what it was like for Greg growing up in a broken home in Scotland, with a step father he didn’t always see eye to eye with. I am really enjoying how effortlessly the emotion pours from Greg Pearson's gorgeous vocals and dynamic delivery, soaring beautifully over the infectious melodies. His lush timbre is backed by intricate guitar plucks throughout the song that are seamlessly intertwined with subtle piano keys and steady drum patterns that together create an overall warm atmosphere that enhances the emotion of his heartfelt storytelling. I can't get enough of his voice and I think you'll love this song as much as I do. Check it out below!