Michael Mayo Shares New Single ‘Oye’

American singer, award-winning songwriter, music producer, and actor Michael Mayo has just shared his brand new single Oye, the title track of his new album which is out now via Boosted Entertainment. 

In creating the album, Michael was inspired by returning to normal life. During this time, he went to many parties and bars, and just loved the energetic music. He wanted this album to reflect that we've been through a lot these past few years, and now it's behind us, and it's time to celebrate!

I am really enjoying his smooth, confident vocal delivery which beautifully captures the listener's attention to his relatable storytelling. Oye is a song about finally returning to normal life and enjoying it to the fullest. It's a celebration of good times, sounding like the perfect party anthem to get everybody in a good mood and dancing in no time. Apart from his gorgeous vocals I am particularly fond of the brass elements and groovy, danceable elements that beautifully create an overall carefree, feel-good atmosphere perfect for the weekend. Check it out below!