Tommy Ashby Shares New Single ‘Not That Far To Go’

Scottish singer and songwriter Tommy Ashby has just shared his brand new single Not That Far To Go, an enchanting piece of singer-songwriter/indie-folk music out now via Dance To The Radio. 
Produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Sam Okell (Celeste, Graham Coxon, The Beatles), Not That Far To Go follows previous releases A Beautiful Day, Moonflowers (Best Friend) and Closer and is the fourth single to be released from Tommy’s upcoming debut album ‘Lamplighter’, set for release in March 2023. 
I am a fan of Tommy Ashby's dreamy vocals which are packed with so much raw emotion, effortlessly capturing the listener's attention throughout the song. Not That Far Ago is a stirring and serene musing, drenched in lush, misty atmospherics that focuses on being in the present and accepting that some things in life are beyond our control. This is a very relatable message with comforting melodies which makes it perfect for a long drive or laid-back days home alone. Definitely a memorable listening experience that you can check out below!



Tommy said about the song
This song was written just a couple of months before the pandemic and it was surprising how relevant it became when covid came along. Suddenly we were sitting at home with quite a lot of time on our hands to think and, for worriers, that isn’t always positive. I guess the message of the song is to take stock of all the good things, focus on the present and accept that a lot of the stuff that happens to you is beyond your control. The song says that it isn’t weak to be scared or share emotions, it’s just part of being human.