Tommy Ashby Shares New Single ‘Moonflowers (Best Friend)’

Scottish singer and songwriter Tommy Ashby has just shared his brand new single Moonflowers (Best Friend), a warm and dreamy indie-folk song out now via Dance To The Radio. 
The second single to be taken from Tommy Ashby's upcoming debut album Lamplighter, set to arrive in March 2023, Moonflowers (Best Friend) finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing his smooth, expressive vocals and storytelling abilities over a polished indie-folk production with a delightfully warm nostalgia akin to S.Carey or Bibio. 
This song uses a blossoming moonflower as a metaphor for joyous yet fleeting displays of childhood friendship, a message that is backed by distant banjo, reversed guitars, subtle piano chords and steady beat that combined create an overall nostalgia-laden atmosphere perfect for a laid-back summer's day. I am loving the warmth and raw emotion of the song and how soothing it sounds, being just what I needed to hear after a long, stressful day. 
This gem is accompanied by a beautiful, pastoral music video shot and directed by videographer Andy Little whilst on location in Iceland. The mix of candid super 8 footage and serene mountainous landscapes perfectly reflect the sentimental, heart-warming nature of the song. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Tommy Ashby said, 
This song is about the intense friendships you have as a kid and how they change as you grow up. Last year there was a moonflower in the UK that flowered for just one night. I’ve had ephemeral moments like that with friends. Your best friend as a kid is such an intense relationship. To have someone you share everything within a simple and honest way, I didn’t realise until I left home that that was a rare thing. The fact that those moments were fleeting made them all the more special. 
When I was a kid, there were no streetlights near my friend’s house. I remember walking home in the pitch black, picking my way along the riverbank’s dirt track, always breaking into a sprint when I neared home. The song starts with a moonflower growing along that river path. I was trying to describe those moments with friends where the world seems to have conspired to create a moment just for the two of you. 
People sometimes think of kid’s relationships as light or superficial, but I don’t think that’s right when you see what hardships kids can help each other through. The emotional turmoil that they are capable of experiencing and weathering due to those friendships can be equal to any adult relationship