Ohad Shares New Single ‘Stay The Night’

Israeli-born and Hong Kong-raised pop/soul singer and songwriter Ohad has just shared his brand new single Stay The Night, an upbeat pop/r&b cut about the current dating scene. 
I am really enjoying Ohad's soulful, dynamic vocal delivery which oozes lots of soul and confidence, instantly capturing our attention to his relatable storytelling. Stay The Night is a a playful take on the moments right after hooking up, when you ask yourself “What’s the vibe? Am I sleeping over? Or going home and never speaking to this person again? 
Nowadays the dating world is quite wild, especially in the queer community and Ohad perfectly captures what is like dating and the struggles of not knowing what one wants, the normalisation of one night stands and the oh so common ghosting. This message is effortlessly conveyed through Ohad's gorgeous vocals that are backed by lush harmonies, a steady beat, lush synths, cool guitars and rhythms that together create an overall feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!