Tom A. Smith Shares New Single ‘Man Overboard’

British singer and songwriter Tom A. Smith has just shared his brand new single Man Overboard, the latest single to be taken from his EP2 which is out now via TYM Recordings. 
The follow up to Could I Live With Being Fake and Never Good Enough, Man Overboard shows a grittier side to his sound, finding the talented artist offering a bold and heady dose of shimmering aesthetics and atmospheric songwriting, harking back to the relatable struggles we all suffered during the pandemic and how resilience has kept us all moving forward. This relatable message is beautifully conveyed through Tom A. Smith's passionate vocal delivery which is backed by soaring guitars and punchy drum patterns that create an overall warm and energetic atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Tom A. Smith said, 

Man Overboard has without a doubt the best lyrics I've ever written. I struggled at the beginning of lockdown and it was songwriting and sending home recordings to my management that kept me focused. The first line summed up my mental health at the time (I put a brave face on it, I put on a front, but even the sharpest tools I have are feeling blunt). From start to finish I'm proud of the lyrics in that song".