Tom A. Smith Shares New Single ‘Never Good Enough’

After releasing his explosive single Could I Live With Being Fake earlier this year, British singer and songwriter Tom A. Smith has just shared his brand new single Never Good Enough, the first single to be taken from his upcoming EP2 which will arrive on August 5th via TYM Recordings. 
What I like the most about this song is Tom A. Smoth's passionate vocals and how they soar effortlessly over the captivating indie-rock production. This song is brimming with energy and emotion with the infectious melodies effortlessly enhancing these feelings through a balanced blend of soaring guitars, punchy drums and a lively saxophone. Have a listen to this gorgeous indie-rock cut below!



Speaking about the song, Tom A. Smith said, 
Never Good Enough was our final pick when we were deciding which songs to record and wasn’t thought of as a potential single. As soon as it went into the studio it became this monster especially when the saxophone appeared on it. So grateful to Alex from Fat White Family for recreating my vision on the Sax. It’s arguably my favourite song now.