Seafret Share Soaring New Single ‘Running Out Of Love’

After returning with their captivating comeback singles Hollow and Pictures, Bridlington’s finest Seafret are back once again to unveil their soaring new effort Running Out Of Love
Out now via Nettwerk, Running Out Of Love is taken from their upcoming EP Anywhere From Here, set to arrive on October 7th, and it tackles issues of how the internet and social media affects us and distorts the expectations and reality of how relationships work. We are bombarded by picture perfect relationships online which make us compare them to our real life relationships. 
This is a song about fighting for the one we love when such doubts set in, a message flawlessly conveyed through through Jack Sedman's distinctive, emotional vocal delivery. Backing his vocals we have intricate acoustic guitar plucks that are seamlessly intertwined with steady percussive elements, soaring electric guitar riffs and lush, emotive piano chords that build up with energy as a way to match the emotion pouring from Jack's vocals. This is yet another gem by the duo and is accompanied by a stunning music video that beautifully embodies the song's message and emotional atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the new track, they said, 
I had this image in my head about people looking at social media and seeing what seemed to be “perfect couples” and then going on to compare it to their own real life relationship and starting to doubt it but it doesn't compare to what they're seeing online. Running Out Of Love is a song about fighting for the one you love and trying to change their minds when doubt sets in.