Milo James Shares New Single ‘Evangeline’

Following last month's gorgeous song Trick Of The Light, Milo James, the alter ego of English indie-folk singer/songwriter James Facey, has just shared his brand new single Evangeline, a captivating blend of country and folk elements. 
I am a fan of Milo's lush, expressive vocals which are packed with raw emotion, instantly connecting the listeners to his relatable storytelling. The second single to be taken from his upcoming album The Roots We’ve Grown, which is set to arrive on September 2nd, Evangeline is a song about loss, and longing, and how the forces that draw us to the ones we love can sometimes feel like they’re beyond our control. This message is backed by a polished production that features intricate acoustic guitar plucks that allow for the emotion pouring from his vocals and storytelling to soar. There's a touch of melancholia that I find quite captivating and I also like how effortless his storytelling is, being seamlessly paired with the stripped back and acoustic production, making this a memorable and enthralling listening experience.



Speaking about the song, Milo James said,
The guy in the song is stuck in his past, yearning for someone he’s never been able to move on from, and finally finding himself outside her door. Maybe she lets him in. Maybe she’s moved on. Maybe she’s a ghost. And, in the end, maybe the things we long for aren’t the things we really need at all.