Milo James Shares New Single ‘Trick Of The Light’

Milo James, the alter ego of English indie-folk singer/songwriter James Facey, has just shared his brand new single Trick Of The Light, a warm piece of folk music about letting go and moving on. 
I am a fan of Milo James' vocals and how evocative his vocal delivery sounds, instantly capturing our attention from start to finish while soaring beautifully over the polished folk production. Taken from his upcoming album The Roots We've Grown, Trick Of The Light is a relatable song about loss and making peace with the past, acknowledging that what's done is done and all we can do now is move on. This message is wrapped around intricate acoustic and electric guitar plucks that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere perfect for a laid-back, introspective day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Milo James said, 
It’s a guy on a long drive, the woman on his mind, and the regret he’s feeling for the things he can’t take back. It’s about loss, but it’s also about making peace with the past. That what’s done is done, that we can’t go back, and that sometimes moving on is the only thing left to do – even if the heart isn’t quite ready to let go.