Keelan X Shares New Single ‘Fever’

Irish singer and songwriter Keelan X (and former member of up-and-coming Irish band The Marigolds) has just shared his brand new single Fever, a gorgeous piece of synth-pop heaven with a retro touch! 
As soon as I heard those lush, expansive synths and bass I knew I was going to love the song and I was not wrong! Heavily inspired by 80s sonics and seamlessly combined with the contemporary, Keelan X pulls on a diverse musical background to create a rich, silky sound. I am particularly fond of the wistful, dreamy soundscapes which are accented by propellant beats and memorable choruses. Keelan X's smooth, passionate vocals are packed with so much soul and emotion, instantly capturing our attention from start to finish. His vocals are beautifully backed by a retro-infused synth-pop production with lush guitar riffs, punchy beats and lush synths that create an overall warm, sensual atmosphere. Check it out below!



As Keelan explains: 

Sonically, I was after a sensual, smouldering sound to capture the feeling of desire in Fever. I also wanted the song to have some low-key disco danceability and a bit of oomph in the chorus. In my head I saw it as the kind of song a DJ would play in a club where you’d want to get up and dance to it, either by yourself in, your own little world, or perhaps with someone.