XATIVA Shares New Single ‘Fly Away’

London based Swedish-Ecuadorian musician XATIVA has just shared her brand new single Fly Away, the title track of her new EP which is out now via DMY. 
This new project includes the previously release singles Here With Me and Fall Back To You, and tells stories about confusing and seemingly contradictory experiences of love, which ultimately result in the necessity to let go. I adore how enchanting and evocative XATIVA's vocals are, oozing so much soul and emotion, gliding effortlessly over the warm and dreamy production. Backing her vocals we have an intricate acoustic guitar-based production that enhances the warmth and intimate atmosphere of her storytelling. Definitely one of those songs perfect for a chill, introspective day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about Fly Away, XATIVA said,
At its core, Fly Away is about coming to terms with losing someone that you love. It’s about the different paths you might take and the complexities of emotions you might experience before accepting that loss. '