XATIVA Shares New Single ‘Fall Back  To You’

London based Swedish-Ecuadorian musician XATIVA has just shared her brand new single Fall Back To You, the second single to be taken from her upcoming EP Fly Away set to arrive on July 1st. 
What I like the most about this song is its warm and intimate atmosphere and how there's a touch of sadness that I can relate to and find incredibly captivating. XATIVA's delicate, ethereal-like vocal delivery beautifully draws our attention to her declaration of love that expresses the feelings of longing, hope and tenderness you can have towards someone. However, for XATIVA this love is undoubtedly tainted with a feeling of being trapped. 
This message is beautifully wrapped around a gentle, Spanish-influenced guitar playing, soft harmonies and a pure vocal, forming a haunting yet tender atmosphere.

Accompanying the music, XATIVA has shared its animated music video, made by animation company Studio Gruff (Jordan Rakei, CH4), which shows a surreal underwater world where XATIVA exists amongst sea urchins, octopuses and aquatic plants. She is looking for someone and catches glimpses of a figure in the reeds. Meanwhile, plants and creatures drift by carrying curiously humanlike characteristics. However, these images are fleeting and distant and it becomes clear that XATIVA is searching for someone intangible who can’t be reached. Check it out below!