Gorran Shares New Single ‘Grown Up’

London-based alt-pop artist Gorran has just shared his brand new single Grown Up, the title track of his coming-of-age debut EP which is out now. 
Holding listeners captivated with a breath-taking combination of rich melodic guitar and songwriting that cuts to the core. Grown Up delivers a compelling, refreshingly honest collection of songs, that reflect on past mistakes and revel in a future rich with possibilities. 
What I like the most about this song is Gorran's distinctive vocals and passionate vocal delivery that effortlessly draws our attention to his relatable storytelling. Grown Up is a song about reminiscing over one's childhood crush who never liked them back in the same way. This message is wrapped around a polished alt-pop production that features intricate guitar riffs throughout which are seamlessly intertwined with catchy electronics and steady drum patterns that together create and overall warm atmosphere perfect for a laid-back, introspective day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Gorran said,
This song is about someone reminiscing over their childhood crush, who never liked them back in the same way. It felt very fitting that we finished the title track right at the end of the process, as it tied the EP together so perfectly. I love the experimental route we went down for the structure of the song, and the explosive scene-change in the outro. It was also really fun to get friends, fans, and family involved in the recording process remotely, with them contributing to a small group vocal moment in the big outro.