Ayla D’Lyla Shares New Single ‘Anywhere But Here’

New York City-based recording artist Ayla D'Lyla has just shared her brand new single Anywhere But Here, a smooth, alt-/bedroom pop song out now via Snafu Records. 

The follow up to her slow-burning song MONEY, Anywhere But Here finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing the versatility of her songwriting, crafting a lush, sophisticated take on modern alt-pop. I am particularly fond of how her lovely vocals soar effortlessly over the polished production. Anywhere But Here is a song that explores emotional unfulfillment in a relationship and is wrapped around steady drum patterns that are seamlessly intertwined with lush guitar riffs and airy rhythms that create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for a laid-back day at home. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Ayla D'Lyla said it is, 
A gentle, light song that captures a journey of escapism. 'Anywhere But Here' embodies the feeling of leaving the smoggy city and finding satisfaction in the simplicity of nature.