Ayla D’Lyla Shares New Single ‘MONEY’

New York City-based recording artist Ayla D'Lyla has just shared her brand new single MONEY, an ethereal, slow-burning track out now via Snafu Records. 
I am really enjoying Ayla D'Lyla's raw vocal prowess and how her dreamy, ethereal vocal delivery glides effortlessly over the sweeping electro-pop production. MONEY is a biting take on the struggles that afflict modern love and it showcases that when emotionally unfulfilled in a relationship, all you want is their money. This message is wrapped around a memorable production that starts quite smooth and culminates into a cinematic scorcher. I am particularly fond of the piano chords that are nicely intertwined with lush strings and synths, killer percussive elements and warm rhythms that create an overall dreamy, laid-back atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Ayla said,
This song is exactly what you’d think it’s about. Many of the women in my life, including myself, seem to constantly feel emotionally unfulfilled by their relationships with men. Quite frankly, we just want your money.