Silver Lake Share New Single ‘Beaches’

Dutch indie-pop duo Silver Lake, consisting of Jesse Koch and Marleen Hoebe, have just shared their brand new single Beaches, a hazy indie-pop cut meant as a reminder that you can always find beauty and hope in the things around you. 
 I am loving Marleen Hoebe's voice and how evocative her vocal delivery is, instantly drawing our attention to their relatable storytelling. Beaches is one of those songs that infuse a sense of hope in the listener while also sounding very comforting, like a warm embrace. Apart from Marleen's gorgeous vocals, I am very fond of the emotive piano keys that are seamlessly intertwined with catchy rhythms, steady drum patterns and sun-soaked guitar riffs that create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere perfect for a chill summer's day by the beach. 
Accompanying the release, Silver Lake have shared its official music video, directed by Joep Meyer, which was shot in the south of Spain, entirely analog on 16mm and 8mm film giving it a hazy, nostalgic vibe that enhances the song's warmth. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Marleen Hoebe said,
For me, the beach is a place where time seems to stand still, which can be very soothing in a world where you are surrounded by chaos and change. I wanted to make a song that evokes that same feeling in me. When i listen to this song it always reassures me and makes me calm and content and i hope that people who listen to this song at home or wherever they are will also feel a sense of security.