Onyda Share New Single ‘Queen of Duality’

Onyda, the moniker of British artist Shae Rhiannon, have just shared their brand new single Queen of Duality, the title track of their debut EP which is out now via Imprint Music 3! 
This EP exemplifies the complexity and deep- thinking nature of Onyda’s creativity and art. It explores beneath the surface of moments of personal adversity in order to discover beauty and to find relief. What I like the most about this song is its dramatic touch and how Onyda's enchanting, expressive vocals are packed with so much passion and emotion, instantly connecting the listeners to their honest, heartfelt storytelling. I am also very fond of the gorgeous guitar riffs and how they are nicely paired with lush synths and cinematic soundscapes that make this song quite a memorable listening experience. 
Accompanying the release, Onyda have shared its official black-and-white music video, directed by Onyda, depicting scenes from Onyda’s hometown of Stoke and sees them laying bare their vulnerabilities.



Speaking on the concept of their new EP, Onyda said, 
My therapist called me the ‘Queen of Duality’ in a session we had a few years ago and it stuck with me. Nothing is black and white, there’s never just one simple answer to a question and I’m always fighting between inner chaos and inner peace. I’m an existential thinker. This EP is about that internal struggle and what that has meant for my life as a young, queer person just trying to get stable. I’m in a much better place now and this body of work is a clear reflection of how far I’ve come! It’s very personal but there’s a power that comes with being so comfortable in your vulnerabilities and being able to share that, I hope listeners can follow the story and take something from it that might help them with their own lives.