Manpreet Kundi Shares Acoustic Version Of ‘don’t wake me’

South Asian UK-based artist Manpreet Kundi has just shared a stunning acoustic version of her third single don't wake me, which beautifully sets the heartfelt tone for her upcoming EP. 
Out now via Sparklecloud Records, this acoustic version embodies the song's rawest form with her lovely vocals being wrapped around emotive piano chords. I am really enjoying the way her vocals are both smooth and powerful at the same time, effortlessly drawing our attention to her relatable storytelling. Whether it's being hooked on a heavenly feeling, or so breathlessly swept up in a moment that you're unable to ground yourself––don't wake me is a song written about clinging onto wisps of tangibility, as one may cling to that of an affecting dream they don't want to end. 
This is one of those songs that instantly get me in a relaxed and introspective mood as the enchanting piano accompaniment, interspersed with flowing strings create such a warm and intimate atmosphere that I find incredibly irresistible. Check it out below!