Liv Charette Shares New Single ‘Game Over’

Canadian-born, Nashville-based pop artist Liv Charette has just shared her brand new single Game Over, a punchy, attitude-packed indie-pop song. 

The follow up to last month's glam pop anthem Red Flags White, Game Over finds the talented singer beautifully showcasing her powerful, confident vocals which soar effortlessly over the upbeat production. This is a relatable song about finally getting out of a bad relationship with someone who has done you wrong. This message is wrapped around soaring guitar riffs and punchy beat that match the passion of her vocal delivery and make the song quite a memorable listening experience packed with tons of energy and attitude. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Liv Charette said,
‘Game Over’ is about the point where you realize you are worth so much more than what someone has put you through. It is the perfect sequel to ‘Red Flags White’ which centers on staying casually in a bad relationship, despite all the red flags. ‘Game Over’ is the ultimate kiss off to anyone who has done you wrong! I’ve been a huge video game fan forever and I wanted to write a song about the end of a relationship as if it were the end of a video game.