Liv Charette Shares New Single ‘Red Flags White’

Canadian-born, Nashville-based pop artist Liv Charette has just shared her brand new single Red Flags White, a powerful glam pop anthem. 
Produced by Logan Maggio, Red Flags White was co-written with Chris Ruediger and it beautifully showcases Charette's skills as a powerhouse vocalist. I have to say that her vocals are definitely my favourite part of the song as they ooze so much confidence and passion, effortlessly capturing our attention from start to finish. Red Flags White is a relatable song about realising you are better off with someone that is definitely not good for you. This message is wrapped around infectious pop melodies that create the perfect soundscape for Liv's vocals and storytelling to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Liv Charette said, 
The inspiration for ‘Red Flags White came in the most unexpected way – on a Valentine’s Day-themed Peloton ride with Kendall Toole. She talked about the phase of a relationship where we ‘bleach the red flags white,’ because even though we know someone is bad for us, we brush it off and ignore the red flags, thinking it’s probably all just in our heads. ‘Red Flags White’ is about that moment of time between falling for someone you shouldn’t have and realizing that you are better off without them.