Joseph Lawrenson Shares New Single ‘Zero Zero Four Zero’

British songwriter, composer and producer Joseph Lawrenson has just shared his brand new single Zero Zero Four Zero, a stunning reimagining of ‘0040’ by Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds. 
Taken from his debut album Songs for Film, which is out now, Zero Zero Four Zero features a moving vocal performance by Leeds artist Jasmine Kennedy. This is such a memorable and enthralling listening experience, packed with so much emotion and soul that is impossible not to fall in love with. I am particularly fond of the lush strings and piano chords that create an overall cinematic pop atmosphere that I think you will enjoy. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Joseph Lawrenson said,
Lyrically it explores the idea of someone cheating on their partner, from the temptation to the resulting heartbreak and the devastation of the ultimate betrayal. I took inspiration from a passage in William Faulkner’s ‘Light in August’: ‘You will tell me that you have just learned love; I will tell you that you have just learned hope.’ I was fascinated by this concept, that hope can be mistaken for love. And this perfectly expresses the feeling of the betrayed person in my song: ‘that’s not love you feel, it’s only hope.’I think we’ve all mistaken hope for love at some point in our lives.