Yabou Shares New Single ‘Gone To Waste’

Germany-based singer and songwriter Yabou has just shared his brand new single Gone To Waste, a captivating piece of Contemporary R&B. 
Produced by Dutch DJ and producer Dave Nunes, Gone To Waste is a soulful, chilled out piece of R&B that beautifully showcases Yabou's honeyed, soulful vocals and storytelling abilities. Yabou's vocals are definitely my favourite part of the song and they sing about a relationship that isn't meant to suceed. It shares a message that is best and healthier to let go instead of lying to yourself and your partner that things will work somehow. It's a song about finally breaking free and moving on with your life and is wrapped around a light production that features warm rhythms nicely paired with cool guitar riffs and a memorable guitar solo that combined create a warm and feel-good atmosphere perfect for a relaxing weekend. Check it out below!