Twins of June Share New Single ‘Fake Crown’

Danish duo Twins of June, consisting of twin brothers Jesper & Jonas, have just shared their brand new single Fake Crown, a gorgeous indie-folk song out now via Iceberg Records. 
A song about losing someone significant, realising that you cannot do everything on your own and to letting go off your facades, Fake Crown finds the talented duo beautifully showcasing their incredible songwriting and singing abilities. I am in LOVE with the emotive vocal delivery which is packed with so much raw emotion that instantly makes us feel each and every single word that is being sung. This honest and relatable storytelling is wrapped around a memorable indie-folk production with pop sensibilities, featuring a stunning acoustic guitar-based melody that is seamlessly intertwined with punchy drums that create an overall warm and emotional atmospher perfect for those days home alone with one's thoughts. Check it out below!