Super Duper Shares New Single ‘Honey’ ft. Lonas

Super Duper, the moniker of Nashville-based producer Josh Hawkins, has just shared his brand new single Honey, a captivating piece of indietronica, out now via Daisy & The Robot. 
For this song, Super Duper teamed up with vocalist Lonas, whose lush vocals instantly infuse the song with a dreamy touch that enhances the song's warmth and soothing vibes. Those lush vocals are nicely backed by an infectious electronic production that features thumping, up-tempo drums that are seamelessly paired with the crescendoing cloud of synths, creating a hypnotic blend of lush sounds. Honey instantly got me in a good mood and thinking of those carefree summer days by the beach. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Lonas said,
Honey is a song for the romantic nostalgic in all of us. We look back with a hazy fondness and long for a time before gravity. Whether that time ever really existed is, of course, irrelevant. We keep daydreaming all the same.