Roast Apple Share New Single ‘One In A Million’

German indie-pop band Roast Apple have just shared their brand new single One In A Million, the latest single to be taken from their new EP Take Me Higher, out now via Mag Musik. 
I am really enjoying the smooth, expressive vocals which glide effortlessly over the upbeat indie-pop/rock production. The song shares an ironic message about those people that watch something on tv and always say they could do that but they never give it a try. This message is beautifully wrapped around a captivating production with groovy rhythms that are nicely intertwined with funky guitar lines and steady drum patterns that create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere that makes it a great song for a fun weekend with friends. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Roast Apple said, 
A rather funny, ironic song about the people who sit in front of the TV and think, 'I can do that too', but never get their butt off. 
The band have also just shared the official music video for their previous single Baby, I Gotta Go, a feel-good piece of disco-infused indie-pop music. Check it out below!