J Blitz Shares New Single ‘LINE OF FIRE’

Los Angeles-based up-and-coming hip-hop/pop artist J Blitz has just shared his brand new single LINE OF FIRE, which finds him diving deeper into his struggles with anxiety. 
What I like the most about this song is the flow of his vocals and how they instantly draw our attention to his relatable storytelling. LINE OF FIRE is a song about dealing with anxiety, having so many thoughts going through your head and trying to have a quiet break from it. J Blitz lets the listeners into his mind, breaking down the moments he tries to suppress the anxiety and continue to stay more productive and proactive. As someone that also struggles with anxiety and I can relate to the song and I think many of you will too. This message is wrapped around a polished Emo Hip-Hop production that features a cool trap-inspired beat that creates the perfect soundscape for his vocals and storytelling to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, J Blitz said,
This is my 4th single and it dives deeper into my struggles with anxiety. Specifically, the chorus speaks about struggling to quiet a busy mind while never feeling as if you've done enough. The feeling of restlessness is expressed in lyrics such as "my mind's telling me to get up on my feet", coupled with a racing mind in "too much noise inside my head, how can I compete?". The first verse jumps into creative wordplay that let's the listener into my mind and breaks down the contrast of anxiety inducing thoughts that sit right next to more comforting and positive thoughts. It's a back and forth battle to suppress the anxiety and continue to throw myself into the "line of fire" in staying productive, proactive, and successful as if to live up to an expectation.