Thomas LaVine Shares New Single ‘Staring At The Sky’

South Carolina-based singer and songwriter Thomas LaVine has just shared his brand new single Staring At The Sky, a lovely indie-folk song about Thomas LaVine's deep connection to nature. 
The follow up to his dreamy singles To Never Be Known and Calico, Staring At The Sky continues to showcase Thomas LaVine's gorgeous, expressive vocals which are packed with so much raw emotion that instantly captures our attention to his relatable storytelling. Staring At The Sky is a song about his wish for adventure and return back to the wild and experience nature to the fullest. Being in nature is quite magical and soothing, giving us a different perspective to the world and I feel that Thomas beautifully conveys these feelings and life-changing experiences through this song. 
This lovely storytelling is wrapped around intricate acoustic guitar melodies on which Thomas' gorgeous vocals are laid upon effortlessly over, effortlessly creating an overall warm and intimate atmosphere perfect for an introspective day out in the nature. Accommpanying the release, Thomas LaVine has shared its official lyric video which was shot in a place called Buzzard's roost where he lives. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Thomas LaVine said, 
Staring At The Sky is a song that I feel like I always wanted to make about my deep rooted connection to nature. When I was growing up, I felt like there was nothing that held a more mysterious and alluring wander than wild lands and wildlife. I was constantly fascinated by the wilderness, and the animals that called it home. I spent so much time in nature, and still do now because I feel like it is completely stitched into my being. I am a wildlife nerd to the fullest and spend a lot of my free time taking photographs of animals and landscapes. I have planned many trips around bears, snakes, birds, wolves, and so on. That love makes its way into many of my songs and is why they are nature themed in many ways. But Staring At The Sky is just a little different. This song completely opens that part of me and I feel like its begging for adventure, to taste the wild and gain an understanding perspective that could not otherwise be found. The lyric video was filmed in a place called Buzzard's roost where I live. That place feels holy to me, like stepping into another realm. There is a magic there that belongs to those hills, and it is the exact place that inspired the song's existence. My hope is that it captures that feeling of wanderlust that is in all of us. Or maybe instead of capturing it, it inspires it and makes you want to go discover and experience these incredible wild places on your own. This song was made for the adventure.