Thomas LaVine Shares New Single ‘To Never Be Known’

South Carolina-based singer and songwriter Thomas LaVine kicks off his new year with a dreamy new song titled To Never Be Known

I am a fan os Thomas LaVine's distinctive and passionate vocals which beautifully make us feel each and every word he is singing. To Never Be Known is a song about the fear of being left alone, desiring a legacy of our own but at the same time being comfortable and finding peace in solitutde. Now and then I tend to have such thoughts of what impact will I leave in this world and I fear that I won't be known or remembered, and this song is quite comforting and it makes me feel that I am not alone when having these thoughts. Apart from Thomas LaVine's lush, haunting vocals, I am particularly fond of the gorgeous, somewhat cinematic, strings and how they are nicely paired with intricate guitar riffs and killer percussion that create an overall expansive and warm atmosphere perfect for an introspective day home alone with one's thoughts. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Thomas LaVine said,

This song at its core is my introverted mind longing for legacy. It’s a contrast, especially when you listen to the second chorus, which the first part is a fear of being left alone and never known, and the second part contrasting it by saying how that idea actually sounds good and how great it would feel to be lost for good and never known. I feel like these extremely contrasting thoughts are really a staple of what it feels like to be human. We desire a legacy, validation and admiration from those around us and even strangers, but also have the ability to find peace in solitude and keeping to ourselves. This contrast is beautiful and both are needed.