thea wang Shares New Single ‘While He Is Still Asleep’

Norwegian singer and songwriter thea wang has just shared her brand new single While He Is Still Asleep, a melancholy acoustic ballad out now via MADE Records. 
The follow up to her successful debut single Tell Me About It, While He Is Still Asleep is a heartbreaking track about a couple whose love is slowly fading away. This relatable message is wrapped around a minimalist arrangement consisting of a soft acoustic guitar and thea’s wistful vocals, which effortlessly create an intensely personal feel throughout the song. I am a fan of thea's stunning vocals and they sure soar brightly in this song that features delicate acoustic guitar riffs and warm rhythms that enhance the song's melancholic and intimate atmosphere. This is definitely a memorable listening experience perfect for those introspective days home alone. Check it out below!



Discussing the new single, thea says:
While He Is Still Asleep is a short glimpse into your neighbours apartment. It’s a melancholic song about heartbreak, love, and the timeless early signs of erosion in/of a relationship. I had just bought a guitar, tried to learn how to play, and out of that this song appeared. I saw this story and couple clearly in my mind, and for some years I thought I had made it all up. Years later, I realise there may be some hidden truths from my own life at that time in it as well.