Norwegian singer and songwriter thea wang makes her official music debut with the release of a folk-infused, acoustic dream-pop track, Tell Me About It. 
Out now via MADE Records, Tell Me About It is a dreamy tale about loneliness and love, about growing up and letting go, a relatable message that is beautifully conveyed through thea wang's hauntingly beautiful vocal delivery. I am loving the tone of her voice and how it instantly infuses the song with a memorable touch of vulnerability and emotion. Accompanying her wistfully layered vocal performance and harmonies, we have intricate acoustic guitar riffs that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere. Tell Me About is a dreamy and haunting piece of folk-infused, acoustic pop music with soothing instrumentals and a touch of nostalgia that I find perfect for those introspective days at home alone. Check it out below!



Talking about the new song, thea says: 
'Tell Me About It' is about growing up and letting go. It is about those times when you're not sure of who you are anymore, and you need someone or something to help you remember. It's about becoming, belonging, and about looking back and forward at the same time. Sometimes it is a place you have to go to, and sometimes it's talking to someone that knows you well. Carrying all the "ages" you've been inside.