Sam Tompkins Shares New Single ‘My Brother’

Fast rising British singer-songwriter Sam Tompkins has just shared his brand new single My Brother, the latest single to be taken from his EP, Who do you pray to, which is out now via Universal-Island Records. 

I am a fan of Sam Tompkins' unique voice which has a gorgeous raspy touch that enhances the emotion pouring from his vocal delivery and it sure shines bright in this song. My Brother continues on the same path of his previously released singles Whole, Bloodline and Hero, packed with a lot of emotion and honest storytelling.  

My Brother is a heartfelt and personal song about his relationship with his brother and is wrapped around a captivating pop production packed with lush piano chords that are nicely intertwined with catchy rhythms and gorgeous guitar plucks that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere for his vocals and honest storytelling to soar. Accompanying the release, Sam Tompkins has shared its emotive visuals, directed by Jack Lightfoot, which beautifully matches the emotion of his personal story. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Sam Tompkins said, 
My Brother is really special to me. I love it so much. The origin of it is actually a sad but lovely story. When I was about 18, we lost our Nana and at the funeral we had to read the eulogy. I got about 6 words in before being in floods of tears, my brother read the rest and was so strong. Flash forward to last year when my Papa (Grandpa) passed away and I decided to do the eulogy. Sadly because of covid my brother couldn’t make it as he was working away in Canada. This time I got the whole way through it and I remember getting the text from my brother who watched it through a live stream that I smashed it and I felt so proud because the only way I was able to do it was knowing I was the exact age my brother had stepped up and been brave 5 years prior.