Just Leila & BYRN Share New Single ‘Approche Toi’

US-based Moroccan singer and songwriter Just Leila has teamed up with fellow US-based producer BYRN to deliver a super smooth and groovy piece of music entitled Approche Toi (Close to Me).
Written in French (one of Just Leila's native tongues), Approche Toi is a song that celebrates the merging of two souls and everything that is beautiful about falling in love. This message has a feel good drawl to it reminiscent of French café music combined with a more modern electronic vibe. The simple fact that the song is in French just made me fall in love with it even more as I adore the language (even though I only understand about 40%) which oozes with confidence and sensuality. Just Leila's vocals are very captivating and soar beautifully over the killer bass and groovy rhythms that create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere perfect for a relaxing weekend. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Just Leila said,
What we're going through as a people has been so heavy that I really believe that we need some more fun and love around. That was the feeling I was trying to capture with this song. I wanted this song to be a reminder to be more playful – to squeeze close those we love and the precious moments we have with them – keeping the feeling of love and those we love close.