Dan Knight Shares New Single ‘Ripples’

British singer and songwriter Dan Knight has just shared his brand new single Ripples, an infectious pop song about love. 
What I like the most about this song is how warm and emotional it is, with Dan Knight's vocals being packed with so much emotion, soaring effortlessly over the captivating pop production. Ripples is a song about his teenage days, describing the rush of feelings one has when connecting with someone for the first time. A story of young love, Ripples is wrapped around catchy pop melodies featuring a cool beat that is nicely paired with subtle piano keys, gorgeous guitar plucks and percussive elements that create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for those days reminiscing about one's first love. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Dan Knight said, 
This is a song I wrote about from a memory that’s stuck with me for a long time about my teenage days and how it felt to connect with someone for the first time. After a night out we split up from the rest of our friends and ended up talking for hours together and having so much fun together but also relaxing until we fell asleep by the lake. So it’s kind of like a retelling of a personal experience but I’m hoping you can all relate in some way or another.