The Royal Foundry Share New Single ‘Hello Dreamer Baby’

Canadian indie-alt rock band, The Royal Foundry, consisting of husband and wife Jared Salte and Beth Schumacher have just shared their brand new single Hello Dreamer Baby, a bright, feel-good piece of indie-pop music. 
I am loving Jared Salte's gorgeous voice and how it soars effortlessly over the upbeat pop/rock melodies. Hello Dreamer Baby shares a positive message to follow our dreams no matter how long or how many detours it will take. I am really enjoying this uplifting message which is flawlessly enhanced by its captivating production. Jared's vocals are nicely backed by soaring guitar riffs that are beautifully paired with expansive synths, punchy drums and lovely harmonies that create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere that reminds me of those carefree summer days. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, The Royal Foundry said it embodies the attitude that,

you are made to be that which you dream to be. No matter how you get there, who you meet along the way, or how many detours it takes - it will always be waiting for you, so try and try and try and try.