talker Shares New Single ‘My Meds’

Following last month's indie-rock cut Don’t Want You To Love Me, talker, the project of Los Angeles based Grunge/indie-rock artist Celeste Tauchar, has just shared her brand new single My Meds, one of talker's most intimate and personal songs ever. 
Out now via Wehearnoise Records, My Meds was produced by FRENSHIP's James Sunderland and finds the talented artist singing about losing yourself in the process of trying to get better, how the crutches we lean on make it harder for us to truly get better on our own. This message is beautifully conveyed through talker's smooth, expressive vocals which soar effortlessly over the warm, pulsating production. I am particularly fond of the piano keys and how they are nicely paired with cool guitar plucks and catchy beat that create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere. 
Speaking about the song, talker said, 
My Meds is a song about losing yourself in the process of trying to get better. Leveling yourself out just enough so that you’re not sinking, but you’re also just treading water. When I made the demo, I intentionally didn’t use any guitars. I figured the song was about the crutches we lean on, and I didn’t want to use the guitar as a crutch either. That opened up this whole new world of ethereal production and playing with new ways to express myself. I took it to my friend James Sunderland of FRENSHIP to produce it, and because we wanted to capture such a specific feeling, it took like five or six months for us to finish it. Every time we would work on it, we couldn’t capture the right moment, or we couldn’t find the perfect sonic landscape. But eventually, we found it - the final vocal is actually me in my room, lying on my floor recording myself. There’s a voice memo piano recording throughout. I think that rawness combined with James’ evocative and pulsating production creates this perfect palette for a song about trying to come back to life.
Accompanying the release, talker has shared its official music video which she directed, produced, creative directed, and edited herself. Check it out below!