noelle Shares New Single ‘30k’

Canadian singer and songwriter noelle has just shared her brand new single 30k, the title track of her debut 6-track EP, out now via Wax Records. 

I am a fan of noelle's music as she has previously wowed us with her sultry, signature, love inducing style in Therapy & Forever Yours and then moved into more delectable jazz tones for Seasons Change, accompanied with a stunning Hollywood glamour-esque visual. To end the year she took it up a notch, harnessing her ever- growing power with most recent single Hope You’re Happy

Now the EP's title track, 30k finds noelle giving us a more upbeat sound than its predecessors and beautifully showcases her breathtakingly beautiful vocals soaring effortlessly over the poppy, punchy synths and warm rhythms that instantly create an overall feel-good atmosphere. 30k is giving me some Ariana Grande vibes and oozes self assurance and confidence, making it quite an enthralling and positive listening experience perfect to get you in a weekend mood. Check it out below!