Leonardo Davi Shares New Single ‘Anna’

Following last month's lovely electro-pop song Safe Space, Austria-based, Brazilian singer and songwriter Leonardo Davi has just shared his brand new single Anna, a heartfelt pop song out now via GRS MUSIC / Global Rockstar. 
Unlike its predecessor, Anna slows things down a notch and focuses on an acoustic guitar-based melody that instantly set the tone for an intimate atmosphere. I am a fan of Leonardo Davi's vocal tone and how his vocal delivery is packed with raw, honest emotion, effortlessly connecting the listeners to this relatable storytelling. Anna is a song about being in love with your best friend but afraid to tell them, a message that is nicely wrapped around lovely pop production packed with intricate acoustic guitar melodies nicely intertwined with a catchy beat and cool rhythms that create an overall warm atmosphere that allows for his passionate vocal delivery and emotional storytelling to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Leonardo Davi said, 

I wrote this song in November 2021 - I woke up one day and immediately had this melody in my head. So I picked up my guitar and in less than 30 minutes I had the lyrics of the song ready. As you surely know, it often takes hours or days to finish a song. Sometimes it also happens that you have a song idea, you start to pursue it - but the song just doesn't get finished and the idea remains "just" a note on your cell phone forever. But "Anna" is different. She is different.