Leonardo Davi Shares New Single ‘Safe Space’

Austria-based, Brazilian singer and songwriter Leonardo Davi has just shared his brand new single Safe Space, a lovely pop song out now via GRS MUSIC / Global Rockstar. 
I am loving the tone of his voice which gives me slight Shawn Mendes vibes and how dynamic his vocal delivery is, being packed with so much emotion, instantly drawing our attention to his storytelling. Safe Space is a song about a deep connection two people have, and how they can have a space to share their feelings and secrets without any fear of judgement. 
This message is wrapped around a polished pop production packed with intricate guitar riffs that are nicely intertwined with subtle piano keys and a punchy beat, creating an overall warm and intimate atmosphere that I find quite captivating. Apart from his lovely vocals, what I love the most has to be the guitar riffs and how the chorus is perfect to sing along to. Have a listen to this pop gem below!



Speaking about the song, Leonardo Davi said,
it's about the atmosphere between two people, who are both taken, but nevertheless feel strongly attracted. so they make the commitment to have a "safe space" between them. a space, where they can feel free to talk about their secrets, without judgment, knowing the other one will be there forever.