Jeremy Elliot & Stefan James Share New Single ‘Blue Moon’

Rising R&B/Soul vocalist, songwriter and producer Stefan James has teamed up with fellow American artist Jeremy Elliot to deliver their new single Blue Moon, a soulful piece of indie-pop music out now via Fireworks Music. 
This is the first song they are releasing together and it beautifully showcases their stunning, passionate vocals and storytelling abilities. I am loving the raspy touch of Jeremy's voice and how it contrasts with Stefan's smoother, soulful tone, creating rich, dynamic textures on the song. Blue Moon is packed with lots of emotion and its polished production is quite warm and packed with infectious melodies that feature intricate guitar riffs throughout the song that are beautifully paired with a memorable trap-inspired beat that create the perfect atmosphere for their vocals and storytelling to soar. Have a listen to this gem below!



Speaking about the song, Jeremy Elliot said, 
Blue moon is the first record we are releasing together. It's a story we can both relate to -- being out on the road, chasing our dreams and curving different vices every night, in hopes that it will all be worth it For Stefan and I as new artists who have put all of our relationships with friends family and loved ones on holds in order to pursue our dreams of reaching the world with our music -- it is the perfect song to symbolize our journey. That every once in a blue moon -- dreams really do come true...