CALL ME DIO Shares Debut Single ‘Be w/u’

London-based, Brazilian singer and songwriter CALL ME DIO has just shared his official debut single Be w/u, a heartfelt indie-pop cut about missing one's loved ones. 
I am loving the tone of his voice and how passionate his vocal delivery is, packed with raw emotion and soaring beautifully over the warm production. As the titled implies, Be w/u is a song about that being away from friends and family and wondering if you'll see them again soon. This is something we all feel when we pack our things and leave home, being sad that we are leaving them behind. It's part of life I guess but doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. In the end all you know that you'll always be there for the ones you love! This message is wrapped around a captivating indie-pop production packed with intricate acoustic guitar riffs nicely paired with warm rhythms and a catchy beat that create an overall intimate and emotive atmosphere perfect for his vocals to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, CALL ME DIO said, 
I started writing this song on a plane on my way home from my Christmas holidays. I think I was just a little sad for leaving my family/friends behind. That’s the feeling behind the whole song, I spent the two hours and thirty minutes thinking what if they die ? What if I never see them again ? Are we going to the same place once we die ? And that’s how the chorus idea came up, I wanted everyone to know that it doesn’t matter where we’re going I will be there I will find them and as cheesy as it sounds sometimes that’s all you wanna hear. I had all the lyrics by the time I landed so I went home and made music that would go with it.