Anna Rune Shares New Single ‘Mad Woman’

Belgian singer and songwriter Anna Rune has just shared her brand new single Mad Woman, the latest single to be taken from her sophomore album, For Monumental People, out now via M.A.P. Records. 
I am loving her smooth and expressive vocal delivery which instantly draws the listener's attention to her relatable storytelling. Mad Woman is a song about the manic side of being depressed, when part of you wants to completely lose it. This is an ode to the extremes of emotions and is wrapped around a memorable indie-pop production and an infectious chorus that I find quite captivating. Apart from Anna Rune's lovely vocals, I am particularly fond of the killer bass that is nicely intertwined with expansive electronics that create an overall warm, chill atmosphere perfect for a relaxing day at home. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Anna Rune said,
It's about the manic side of being depressed. About the rebel that completely wants to lose it on the other side of the spectrum. About how as a woman, in moments of strong wil, anger or vulnurability, we are often wrongly perceived as irrational, overemotional or hysterical. This song is an ode to the extremes of emotions. It's about the sharp edges where you release your brakes and everything - good or bad- needs to come out. About celebrating the good cries, the loudest screams and the most free from of being. I am dedicating this song to Éleonore Delisse-Dürr, who inspired me. Just like this song, every song on the album is a gift to someone that has helped me through my struggles with depression and an eating disorder. About the wise lessons learned and the overpowering emotions in eachothers company.