townsend Shares New Single ‘Didn’t Happen’

townsend, the moniker of Nashville-based singer, songwriter, musician and producer John Townsend, has just shared his brand new single Didn't Happen, a sad and melancholic piece of emo/pop-rock music. 
As soon as I heard those emotive piano chords I knew I was going to love this song. townsend's smooth, expressive vocals glide beautifully over the warm production and they are packed with so much raw emotion and vulnerability that instantly won me over. Didn't Happen is a song about that feeling we get when something good has to come to an end, that a joyful and blissful moment will now give room to a crash in emotion as it is now over. It's a song about wishing that you didn't experience such happiness because when you don't have those moments anymore everything feels low and miserable. 
This very relatable song is wrapped around a polished production that starts slowly with lush, emotive piano chords backing townsend's gorgeous vocals, before building up with emotion and energy with an infectious beat, soaring guitars and punchy drums that match the emotion pouring from his passionate vocal delivery. If you're into sad, melancholic pieces of music with raw, honest storytelling, then you'll love Didn't Happen. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, townsend said,
Its about the feeling you get when something good has to come to an end. When the concert you waited forever to go to turns the lights on. When the vacation you've been planning for the last year is over. Or when the relationship that brought you so much happiness breaks up. After the high everything else feels low and *almost* makes you wish it never happened in the first place.